Trustor – The Great Sting (2001)

(Trustor – den stora blåsningen)
Writer: Lena Einhorn
Producers: Lena Einhorn and Bengt Berg
Photographer: Lars Granstrand
Editor: Micke Engström

Two young Swedish financial sharks, with a taste for money, champagne and women, an eccentric British Lord and a not-so-successful businessman from New Zealand; On a warm summer’s day in 1997, they step into the Cheapside office of Barclays Bank in London. They are there to deposit 770 million Swedish Kronor, corresponding to 80 million US Dollars, in a private account at the bank. The Trustor Raid has been successful! A gigantic corporate plundering of a dimension never hitherto seen in Sweden. But it is not only the dizzying sum which fascinates.

In this film, a rather fantastic story is told, where the entire financial establishment in Sweden, and portions of that in other parts of Europe, are to play the role of pawns in the game. The brain behind the entire affair – the plundering of the corporate finance firm Trustor – is 33-year genius (according to some), lazy-bum (according to others) Joachim Posener. But Posener is not to be seen, at least not to the outside world. Because he has just served a six year sentence for plundering Danish companies. Posener, a former law student, and son of a successful physician, was brought up in a well-to-do suburb of Stockholm.

Producer Lena Einhorn – who has made the film together with Bengt Berg – provides her picture of Posener, who was only ten years old when she was his counsellor at a summer camp outside Stockholm. As a young boy, he was keen on being seen. In school he was known as a cheater who was always caught. As an adult he dreamt of building an empire. Through ”creative financing” the Market was supposed to provide the means for Posener’s success. But perhaps his greatest talent lay in collecting the right kind of credible people around himself – respected people whom he totally would convince of his talent and reliability.

Whereas the other players in the Trustor Affair have been charged, Posener fled, and has not been seen since late 1997.