Stateless, arrogant and lunatic (1998)

(Handelsresande i liv) Drama documentary.
Lena Einhorn Film, in collaboration with Kanon Television and Sveriges Television; 100 min. or 2×52 min.
Writer and Producer: Lena Einhorn
Directors: Lena Einhorn and Ulf Ahlberg
Photographers: Dan Myhrman, Lars “Tille” Persson, Ulf Ahlberg
Editors: Stefan Kervefors, Daniel Andreasson, Ulf Sandlund
Gilel Storch: Peter Nystedt
Ania Storch: Jessica Zandén
Felix Kersten: Michael Segerström
Heinrich Himmler: Rolf Forthmann
Norbert Masur: Ulf Dohlsten
Marcus Ehrenpreis: Palle Granditsky

tateless, arrogant and lunatic was what British authorities called Gilel Storch, when in 1945 he was preparing to go to Berlin and negotiate with Heinrich Himmler about saving Jews. Storch, himself a Jew, had been personally invited by Reichsführer Himmler. The resulting meeting is one of the most bizarre – and most unknown – episodes of the Second World War.

Stateless, arrogant and lunatic is the fascinating and dramatic story of one man’s persistent struggle – and eventual success – in trying to save Jews during the war. Among Storch’s many collaborators was Himmler’s personal masseur, Felix Kersten. The film is made as a drama-documentary, i.e. a mixture of archival footage, interviews and dramatizations. Of the total 100-minute film, 40 minutes is dramatizations, the rest is archive and interviews.


Winner, Prix Europa Television Programme of the Year 1999, Non-Fiction Film of the Year
Winner, The Swedish Academy of Verbovisual Information Award 1998
Semi-Finalist, The 1998 International Emmy (no.1 European selection)
Finalist, The New York Festivals 1998