Madeleine F. (2016)

Hanna has just started her second education in two years. Her studies at the Art School were hastily interrupted, and instead she has now begun writing classes.

It is Monday morning, and the aspiring authors will for the first time meet Pål Berger, egocentrical and headstrong educator. Would you, he enquires, like to do a joint project? Without waiting for an answer, he pulls up seven small pieces of paper, and holds them up. They are ads, eight years old, and all with the same sender – who offers professional lessons in natural sciences, ballet, art, four musical instruments, and expert translations from six languages. Plus cleaning people’s apartments. Signed Madeleine F.

Now the students are told to portray this unknown woman in factional texts. Is she multitalented? Or simply a mythomaniac? For Hanna, the task becomes highly personal. She has to find out who this woman is.

Madeleine F. is a novel about searching. For a mystical, talented person, who seems to have vanished into thin air. For the solution to a riddle, which seems to be laid out to bewilder. And finally about the searching for inspiration and identity.