Den tunna isen (The Thin Ice; 2019)

In her novel The Thin Ice, Lena Einhorn explores her own story and love’s perilous and vitally necessary force. It is summer when a woman unexpectedly comes swimming towards her on the dock. What at first looks like an innocent meeting makes an indelible impression on her. And she and the woman, Nicki, eventually embark on a love relationship that will take her out on thinner ice than she ever dared to tread.

But what is she afraid of, and why? In parallel with the love story, she tries to explore her own history, her own childhood. She thought she knew it. She didn’t. While working on Nina’s Journey, the feature film and book about her mother Nina, she finds letters left behind by her parents and scribbles in old books left in the attic. With the help of this material, she slowly begins to disentangle not only her mother’s life, but also the mystery of her own life.

In The Thin Ice, we follow the story of a love that in truth becomes one of life and death. And one about a perilous, intoxicating journey to the boundaries of the human emotional universe, and into her most hidden and sheltered space.