Curriculum Vitae


Documentary Fiction Book, Chameleon, Norstedts, Stockholm, 2024.

Fiction Book, A Crate of OrangesNorstedts, Stockholm, 2023.

Non-Fiction Book, Among Hobby Epidemiologists and Expert Authorities. A Look at the Swedish Pandemic, Norstedts, Stockholm, 2022.

Non-Fiction Book, What Happened on the Road to Jerusalem? An Enigma at the Edge of History, Norstedts, Stockholm, 2020.

Fiction Book, The Thin Ice, Norstedts, Stockholm, 2019.

Fiction Book, The Genius from Breslau, Natur & Kultur, Stockholm, 2018. 

Fiction Book, Madeleine F. Natur & Kultur, Stockholm, 2016.

Non-Fiction Book, A Shift in Time: How Historical Documents Reveal the Surprising Truth about Jesus. Yucca Publishing (a Skyhorse imprint), USA, 2016. 

Fiction Book, Blekingegatan 32. Norstedts Publishing House, 2013. Also published in Germany and Macedonia. 

Fiction Book, Siri. Norstedts Publishing House, 2011. Also published in Estonia.

Non-Fiction Book, On Strindberg. Editor-in-Chief of a major illustrated work on Swedish author August Strindberg (21 authors). Norstedts Publishing House, 2010.

A Book of Photographs and Essays, Återblick: Jerusalem, Kairo, Addis Abeba, Bombay. Bokförlaget Prisma, 2009.

Non-Fiction Book, What happened on the Road to Damascus? In Search of the real Jesus from Nazareth. (The Jesus Mystery: Astonishing Clues to the True Identities of Jesus and Paul)  Bokförlaget Prisma, Stockholm, 2006. Also published in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Greece, Hungary and Poland.

Non-Fiction Book, Ninas Resa (Nina’s Journey). Published by Bokförlaget Prisma,Stockholm, 2005. Also published in Germany, Holland, Poland, Norway, Finland, Russia, Israel and Sri Lanka. 

Non-Fiction Book, Handelsresande i liv (Trading in Lives). Published by Bokförlaget Prisma, Stockholm, September 1999. Also published in Germany.



Writer: Blekinge Street 32. Feature film script, about the young Greta Garbo, 2016. 

Director, Producer and Writer: Our lost Chagall. Documentary about the painting the Germans took from my father’s wall in Poland, in 1939. Lena Einhorn Film, 2011-12. 

Director and Writer: Strindberg – a damn life. A documentary about author August Strindberg.  Sveriges Television, 2008.

Director, Producer and Writer: Women of the Revolution. A documentary about Emma Goldman, Rosa Luxemburg and Alexandra Kollontai. Lena Einhorn Film for Sveriges Television, 2006. 

Director and Writer: Nina’s Journey. A feature film about the director’s mother, Nina Einhorn, living through the Warsaw ghetto. East of West Film, 2001-2005.

Director and Writer: Jan Myrdal. A documentary about the controversial writer and political  activist Jan Myrdal. Lena Einhorn Film and Sveriges Television, 2004-2005.

Director and Writer: The Stranger on Bergsunds Strand: The Story of Nobel Prize Laureate Nelly Sachs. Lena Einhorn Film and Sveriges Television, 2002-2003.

Director, Producer and Writer: The Riddle of ”I”. A documentary on the Self, from a psychologial, religious and biological perspective. Lena Einhorn Film for Sveriges Television, 2001- 2002.

Director, Producer and Writer: Trustor – The Great Sting. A film about the greatest financial sting, and scandal, in Sweden ever – and about the three young men who pulled it off. Lena Einhorn Film for Sveriges Television, 2001.

Director, Producer and Writer: Loving Greta Garbo. Documentary about the life of Greta Garbo and about her relationship with Hollywood script writer Mercedes de Acosta. Lena Einhorn Film and Sveriges Television, 2000.

Director, Producer and Writer: From the Shadows of the Past. A series of three documentary films (3 x 58 min.), on using mythology, language and science in trying to untangle our hidden pasts. Lena Einhorn Film and Sveriges Television, 1999-2000.

Director, Producer and Writer: ”Stateless, Arrogant and Lunatic”. Dramadocumentary (100 min.) on Gilel Storch and his work behind the scenes to save Jews during World War Two. Lena Einhorn Film, in collaboration with Kanon Television and Sveriges Television, 1997-98.

Director, Producer and Writer: Frozen Beauty. Documentary (58 min.) on the role of the Artists in arctic exploration through the ages. Sveriges Television. 1997.

Director, Producer and Writer: Life in the Universe? Is life a natural process in a multifaceted Universe –not necessarily a unique event on our Earth? Documentary (29 min.) produced for  Sveriges Television. 1996-97.

Director, Producer and Writer: Voyage to the Arctic. Documentary (58 min.) on the North Pole Expedition with icebreaker Oden. For Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish TV. 1996.

Director, Producer and Writer: Awakening of the Frozen Addicts. Documentary (58 min.) on fetal tissue transplantation to Parkinson patients. Sveriges Television, 199596. 

Director, Producer and Writer: The Great Comet. Documentary (29 min.) on how comets and asteroids have affected life on earth. Sveriges Television, 1995.

Director, Producer and Writer: The Human Quest. Produced and co-wrote program 3 (Consciousness) (52 min.) in the four-part national PBS series. Produced at KCET, Los Angeles for nationwide U.S. broadcast, 1995.

Director, Producer, Writer and Editor: The Era of the Car Documentary (58 min.) on the history and future of the automobile. Sveriges Television, 1993.

Research: The Saga of Life, part 1 in a three part international  TV-series on the work of photographer Lennart Nilsson. Co-produced by SVT1, ZDF, RAI, Channel 4 and WGBH.
1992-93 (International Emmy Winner)

Science Producer, Director and Writer: Produced medical and science documentaries, as well as medical news programs (Medical Broadcasting Company, Pennsylvania; Medical News Network, New York; MED, New Jersey; BMS, etc.) 1991-1993.

Medical Editor and Producer, Lifetime Television, New York. Responsible for 26 half-hour medical and science documentaries and studio shows per year. 1989-1991.

Producer and Editor, The Political Plague: Three Interviews on AIDS, a film about polarization and paralysis in the AIDS era. 1987 (student film).

Producer and Editor, 60th and Larchwood, 16mm film about a changing neighborhood in

Philadelphia. 1986 (student film).



Co-Writer: Motherland. A play about courage, 2021.

Writer and performer: Imaginary Alien – An Inconvenient Truth. A thematic concert about the pogrom in Kielce. With Jakob Koranyi, Peter Friis Johansson, and others. Järna 2019 

Co-Writer: Anna & Sigmund. A play about Anna and Sigmund Freud. 2015. 

Director and Co-Writer: Living Room: A Palestinian Woman, A Jewish Woman, 200 liters of Paint, and a Conflict. Kilen, Stockholm, 2008



Solo exhibition of photographic work: Limhamns konsthall, Malmö, Oct-Nov 2014

Photographer: Återblick: Jerusalem, Kairo, Addis Abeba, Bombay. Prisma, 2009.

Photographic exhibitions, Planket, Stockholm, 1982, and The Diaspora Museum, Tel Aviv, 1983.

Photographs published in newspapers, magazines and books.



Associate Scientist, The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, 1985-88.

Postdoctorate, Dept. of Embryology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, 1984-85. 

Ph.D. Student, Dept. of Virology , Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden 1980-1983; Dept. of Tumor Biology, Karolinska Institute, 1975-79.

Laboratory Physician, National Bacteriological Laboratory, Stockholm, 1980-81.

Teacher of Medical Students, Dept. of Virology, Karolinska Institute, 1980-83.




Guldbaggen, the Swedish National Film Award, for Best Film, 2005. Nina’s Journey

Guldbaggen for Best Script, 2005. Nina’s Journey

The Gothenburg Grand Film Award, 2005. Nina’s Journey

The Yad Vashem Award, 2006. Nina’s Journey

Best Director, The Golden Rooster Film Festival, Hangzhou, China, 2006. Nina’s Journey

Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay, Warsaw Jewish Film Festival, 2006. Nina’s Journey

Best of Fest, Palm Springs International Film Festival, 2007. Nina’s Journey

Best International Dramatic Feature, Vancouver International Jewish Film Festival, 2007. Nina’s Journey

Best  Narrative Film, Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, 2008. Nina’s Journey

Prix Europa, Television Programme of the Year, 1999. ”Stateless, Arrogant and Lunatic”
The Swedish Academy  of Verbovisual Information Award 1998. ”Stateless, Arrogant and Lunatic”

Semi-Finalist for the 1998 International  Emmy (no.1 European selection). ”Stateless, Arrogant and Lunatic”

Finalist, The New York Festivals 1998. ”Stateless, Arrogant and Lunatic”

Le Prix Aventure et Découverte (Festival Image & Science), 2002. From the Shadows of the Past

The Mai Zetterling Award, 2006, for “a film director with high artistic qualities, who widens the boundries for short or documentary film”, 2006



The August Prize (National Book Award of Sweden), non-fiction book of the year, 2005. Nina’s Journey

The Garbo Prize, 2014. Blekingegatan 32

Nominated, Sveriges Radios Romanpris (The Swedish Public Radio Novel Prize), 2019. The Genius from Breslau

The Delblanc Prize, 2019.



The Drama Stipend of the Church of Sweden, 2017, Motherland



M.D., 1982, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.

Ph.D. in Tumor Biology and Virology, 1983, Karolinska Inst., Stockholm, Sweden. Ph.D. thesis entitled Early interactions of Epstein-Barr Virus and Cytomegalovirus with human leukocytes and other cells in vitro.

Bachelor of Medicine, 1976, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.

Graduate and Undergraduate Courses in Documentary and Feature Filmmaking:
Documentary Filmmaking. Bucks County Community College, Pennsylvania, 1986; Filmmaking. Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1987; Script writing for feature films. Dramatiska Institutet, Stockholm, 1996; Directing feature films. Dramatiska Institutet, Stockholm, 1999.



Composer of film music. Former member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), present member of STIM (Svenska Tonsättares Internationella Musikbyrå).

Member of the Board, The Swedish Research Council, Section for Humanities and Social Sciences, 2001-2004.

Member of the Board, The Swedish Arts Council, 2006-2008.

Member of the Board, Karolinska Institute, 2008.